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Alphabet’s efforts beyond search are ballooning into their own huge businesses

Alphabet’s advertising business seems to be following the same pattern these days — but its operations beyond that look like they are beginning to grow into strong businesses in their own right. The company reported its first-quarter earnings today that outperformed what ...

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Moodelizer helps add epic soundtracks to your video efforts

When it comes to video, the audio is pretty damn important. Hell, they even give out some sort of award for getting it right on occasion. Moodelizer wants to put the power of suitable soundtracks in the hands of amateur filmmakers, ...

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Oculus under fire for efforts to secure exclusive rights to VR titles

Oculus’ policies and practices have been under fire almost since the Rift launch. The company’s decision to launch into retail stores without first filling preorders sat poorly with many of its most ardent fans, while its decision to break the ...

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Ten ways you unconsciously sabotage your weight loss efforts

GUSTOIMAGES/Getty Images/Science Photo Libra To minimize mindless eating, you need to become aware of the circumstances that leave you most susceptible to falling off the healthy food wagon. Have you ever found yourself staring down at an empty bowl of ...

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