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Robert Downey Jr. congratulates son Indio on sobriety

Robert Downey Jr. praised his son for kicking his addiction.Splash News/Splash News

Robert Downey Jr. praised his son for kicking his addiction.

Robert Downey Jr. is just like any other proud parent on Facebook.

The “Iron Man” star took to Facebook on Friday to share his proud papa status, praising son Indio Downey for beating his drug addiction.

Earlier this week, the 22-year-old whom Downey had with singer Deborah Falconer had his cocaine possession wiped from his criminal record after 20 months of completing a drug treatment program.

“Congrats are in order for my firstborn, and I’m proud to oblige,” the 50-year-old actor wrote.

“Having braved the crucible of addiction (and pleased the court), his ongoing commitment to recovery continues to inspire and amaze,” he continued.

The former Hollywood bad boy is no stranger to legal troubles, landing in jail several times on drug-related charges from 1996 to 2001.

After therapy, and the influence of wife Susan Levin, the actor kicked his addiction and revived his career with his blockbuster superhero movie.

A judge recently wiped Indio Downey's cocaine case from his record.David Livingston/Getty Images

A judge recently wiped Indio Downey’s cocaine case from his record.

The actor’s son was arrested in West Hollywood in August 2014, when he was allegedly seen taking a hit from a cocaine pipe. He later pleaded guilty to carrying cocaine on him.

After the arrest, the Oscar-nominated actor stood by his son.

“Unfortunately, there’s a genetic component to addiction and Indio has likely inherited it,” he told The News in 2014.

In his emotional Facebook post, the actor also gushed about his son’s musical career.

“I’ve also made it my business to be of as little help as possible, as nepotism usually does more harm than good… Just for today, I’m gonna ease up on that. Trust me and give these fine young men a listen,” he concluded, adding links to the music for his son’s band, The Dose.

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